Articles Description of Article

1. Basic Primer Basic information about having upholstery work done.

2. Cover a Cornice One Way To Cover A Cornice

3. Spring Tying Different techniques for Spring Tying

4. Channel Backs Different techniques for Constructing Channel Backs

5. Self Welting How to do Self Welting by Stacey Barnard

6. Restaurant Booths Construction and covering of Restaurant Booths

7. Styles of Furniture Pictures showing furniture styles and approximate dating.

8. Figuring Overhead How-To Calculate Overhead and figure hourly Charges for business.

9. Overhead Worksheet Worksheet to Calculate Overhead and Salary.

10. Labor Chart Labor Chart for Furniture

11. Yardage Chart Yardage Chart for Estimating yardage for Furniture

12. Why Re-Upholster Some reasons that Re-Upholstering might be your best bet.

13. Yardage with a Repeat Chart for calculating yardage when dealing with fabrics with repeat patterns by K.Butcher.

14. Foam Info Some basic information about Foam types/

15. About Stuffing Basic information about different stuffings by: Stacey Barnard

15. Making a Headboard Basic information about one method of making a headboard by: Terry Kowatch

16. Fabric Spot Cleaning Article about spot cleaning by: Keith Mealy