About the Webmaster

I have been doing Upholstery since 1976.

   I currently run a part-time upholstery shop in Vilonia, Arkansas. "My shop handles all types of upholstery including, but not always limited to: antique and modern furniture, classic and custom automotive, marine and most canvas work". Over the years, I have worked in several different shops and have owned my own business in a few different locations around the country.  These shops varied in the type of upholstery in which they specialized: furniture, classic/custom automotive, marine, awnings and even truck tarps and tents. I have spent some time in the manufacturing and design side of the industry as well.
  1. I started out in a small shop in Arkansas, where I later determined that after 5 years I only had learned the bare basics of upholstery. 
  2. In 1982, I designed and fabricated the complete line change on interiors of the Famous "Ranger Bass Boats of Flippin Arkansas". I also re-designed their standard and custom boat covers for their entire line, improving production efficiency and savings on materials. Both could be found starting with the 1983 line of bass boats and remained their primary design until the mid 90's and many aspect of his designs can still be seen in their boat today.
  3. I worked for several years at Haynes Upholstery & Florida Awning, designing and fabricating commercial awnings.  Also involved all phases of upholstery.
  4. I also spent a year with FCC Commercial Furniture in Roseburg, Oregon, designing new upholstery for restaurant furniture.
  5. For three years, I trained inmates with the Arkansas Department of Correction Industry Program.  Training was on the basics of upholstering new office style furniture and re-upholstery of various Furniture and Automotive Trim.
  6. I spent about seven years working in a variety of shops doing all phases of upholstery including antique furniture, both classic automotive restoration and custom trim and upholstery, marine upholstery, and marine canvas.
In 2005, I received 2 awards from The Upholstery Journal Magazine:
"Upholsterer of the Year 2005" for the Southeast Region and
"Design and Craftsmanship Award 2005" for the Custom Convertible Top Category.

On the computer side, I hold two Associate degrees in Computer programming and Computer Aided-Drafting. I have also earned eight certificates in various Computer networking software management and engineering. "I decided to get into web design and web programming when the internet started getting popular". "I like programming a lot. I decided to combine the two things I love to do and started designing and building websites around the internet.  One of those is the Professional Upholsterers & Soft Furnishings website.  I also build and maintain a number of small individual and small business websites.  Links to these can be seen on the left-hand side of the page under the Menu." 

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