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Phenol Seal

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Anyone familiar with this product? I'ts supposed to be like a glue compound, really good for humid (Dede, are you reading that ;)?) areas.  Any source for it?



--- Quote ---really good for humid (Dede, are you reading that?)
--- End quote ---

Nah, I try to avoid humidity.


Really? Gee, I hadn't guessed ;D

Hey, Dede, I tried a google search on that product, Phenol Seal, but nothing that looked relevant came up. If you have the time, can you put your amazing skills on that research? For payment, I'll send you a bottle of humidity  ::)  ;D

Aw... you know I can't resist a research challenge... ;D

Phenol: An older generation of industrial adhesive that is expensive, difficult to apply, and volatile.

From WoodWeb.com:
This dark red adhesive is usually cured above 250 degrees F and provides the most moisture-durable joint. Although expensive, it contains no moisture, and can be provided in a thin, dry film for gluing thin, fragile veneers.

From Lignon Institute, vol. 5, no. 1:
Phenol is a petrochemical used in the production of plywood and other manufactured board. It is also used in fiberglass production.

With increasing pressure to lower emissions of volatile organic compounds, as well as to lower overall cost of production, alternatives to (and extenders for) Phenol are currently being explored.

Phenoseal[/size] - waterproof vinyl adhesive caulk. Does NOT contain phenol.

You may keep your humidity right where it is... ;)

I knew you could do it! Thank you so much!

Taking back my humidity, saving it for the summer  :-X  ;D


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